Common Myths About Orthodontics Busted


As we’ve helped countless patients achieve straight, beautiful smiles throughout the years, we’ve heard several myths related to orthodontics. Many of these myths are brought up during consultations, and our team considers it an honor to educate our patients about the importance and benefits of straight teeth. While there are many myths surrounding orthodontics, there are a few that are more common than others, and in today’s blog, we’ll dispel a few of them.

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Eight Orthodontics Myths

Often times, myths are born from a simple misunderstanding of a process or a procedure. We find that this is usually the case with most myths about orthodontics, and we’ve listed a few of the most common myths below.

Braces Are The Only Treatment Option

While the number of treatment options were limited in the early years of orthodontics, innovations and advancements in technology have given rise to a wide variety of treatment options for straightening teeth. Alternatives to braces include clear aligners like Invisalign® and headgear alternatives such as Forsus™.

If It Doesn't Hurt, It's Not Working

It’s possible that the old adage of “no pain, no gain” has something to do with this myth. Back in the early days of braces, wires were thick and inflexible. This lead to pain when the wire was tightened. Many wire choices today are thinner and more flexible, decreasing the amount of pain patients experience. Contrary to what many patients think, pain doesn’t always equate to progress when it comes to orthodontics

You'll Notice A Big Change Immediately

We live in a time when it is very easy to want immediate gratification with everything, however, this is not something that you want when it comes to braces. Not only would moving your teeth quickly be incredibly painful, but it can also damage your teeth. The process of carefully shifting your teeth with the aid of braces will be closely monitored by your orthodontist to ensure everything is moving along at a proper pace.

You'll Only Need Braces Once

This is perhaps one of the most common myths we hear. It’s possible that many people believe this myth because nobody ever wants to imagine having braces twice. However, if you had braces as a child, you may need adult braces if your teeth revert back to their original position. Usually, this happens when retainers are not worn as directed, but may occasionally be caused by oral injury.

Once Scheduled, That Date I Get My Braces Off Won't Change

The process of straightening teeth can be a long one, and everyone looks forward to the day that they visit their orthodontist to get their braces taken off. At the beginning of your treatment, your orthodontist will likely provide an estimated duration of care, but the final date that your braces come off may vary from this depending on the severity of your case and your compliance with the treatment plan.

All Orthodontists Are The Same

Many people believe that all orthodontists are the same, and patients may feel that they can easily switch from one orthodontist to another. Some orthodontists may have areas of specialty where others may not. Additionally, types of wires, brackets, treatment plans, and methodologies can vary greatly from one orthodontist to the next. Because of this, it is best to find an orthodontist you prefer and stick with him or her.

I’m Too Old For Braces

Many people believe there is a prime age for getting braces, and some worry that they are too old for braces to work properly. In reality, as long as your gums and the bones that support your teeth are healthy enough to withstand orthodontics, age is not a factor when considering teeth straightening treatment plans and you’re never too old for adult braces.

Adult Braces In Celina

If you’re a resident of Celina considering adult braces, Invisalign, or another orthodontic treatment, contact Bietsch Orthodontics today. Our team has the skills, knowledge, and experience to ensure the best treatment experience possible for you and your family, and we accept 13 insurance plans for your convenience. Call 972-934-6222 to schedule your appointment!

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